About Us

My name is Lanu. I love cooking and try to eat healthily.

The science of nutrition in health cannot be overemphasised. I start this website to help me and others out there understand that what they put in their plates can massively impact on their health.

Food choices have a massive impact on our health.  unfortunately, most are still ignorant of this, and their food choices are making them unwell.

Lanu Pitan

Preventative Care is the future of Medicine, where the emphasis is on lifestyle changes to prevent chronic illness and live a free abundant joyous life.

I am fascinated by the impact nutrition has on our body and health. This website will highlight how nutrition science contributed to improving people’s health. It requires a paradigm shift to recognise that poor nutrition can cause diseases.

 ”Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.”         Hippocrates                       

 ”When food is correct, there will be no medicine,”     Ayurveda Proverb 

Although, Lanu is a Chartered Accountant, and worked for several years as one, reaching to the peak of her carrier as Group Head, Finance of a publicly quoted Insurance Company before her carrier change into Food Science.

Towards her carrier change, Lanu went on to obtain Professional Certification in Nutrition & Health at Wageningen University in Netherland.

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