Health-Promoting Power Of Fruits & Vegetables

Lanu Pitan

The one reason a regular whole plant-based diet is the best all the time

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I remember one day when a friend was telling me about a Bible passage in the creation ‘’And God proceedeth to settle Adam & Eve on Earth’’- Genesis 2:15. He was explaining what it meant TO BE SETTLED, i.e. everything mankind ever need is available for him on earth. So it is our fault really if we do not make use of what is available to us in promoting our health.

I say this because I was intrigued by Science Direct Article on how it is possible to substitute aspirin with various fruits, vegetables and herbs in consuming the same active ingredient in Aspirin, (Salicylic Acid) to wad off some cancers.

We are all aware that some doctors prescribe low doses of Aspirin (usually 75mg) to older adults as it helps lower the risk of some cancers, especially colorectal cancer. The active ingredients in the aspirin can also be found in some fruits and vegetables.

Colorectal Cancer And Aspirin Use

According to Cancer Research, in the UK, 42,000 new cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed every year, and this amounts to about 12% of all cancer cases. This prompted a Jama Network Open Study in older adults (66+):

— 2 to 3 times aspirin per month = 12% lower rate of colorectal cancer.

— 3 or more times aspirin per week = 15% reduced rate of any form of cancer, and a 44% reduced rate in colorectal cancer, although this depends also on their BMI.

The Drawback In Regular Use Of Aspirin

As in all pharmaceutical drugs, continuous use of aspirin has its own side effects, like internal bleeding. Also although it is meant to prevent some cancer, should users eventually have cancer, regular aspirin use could make the cancer drug-resistant. And this is very scary indeed. So it is like no one can win with pharmaceutical drugs and their side effects.

Use Nutrition Instead To Fight All Diseases & Promote Good Health

Most fruits and vegetables have healing properties and without virtually no side effects. My personal interest in evidenced-based nutrition, enable me to research into some variety of fruits and vegetables that one can eat to get the same milligram of salicylic acid found in aspirin. The common ones are among others, Ginger, cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, mint, basil, bay leaves, nutmeg and cumin. Most of these can be found in organic herbal shops.

Real-Life Examples

Another paper by the American Journal of Clinical Pathology studied the level of salicylic acid in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian discovered that vegetarian has a higher level of salicylic acid in their system than non-vegetarian. The study found also found out that vegetarian has a lower level of colorectal cancer. This obviously is due to their plant-based diet, while omnivores have no salicylic acid at all in their system.

The study is NOT to promote vegetarianism over other types of diet but to state categorically that a healthy plate should contain at least 80% plant-based food. Diary, fish and meat do not contain salicylic acid, an Australian study found. It is important to stress that organic fruits and vegetables always contain more nutrients than non-organic, and the fact that it has little or no pesticides is an added advantage.

How Salicylic Acid Function In Preventing Cancer

A Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) study into the relative course of Salicylic Acid in cancer prevention found out that the same metabolite called 2,4,6-trihydroxy benzoic acid (referred to as 2,4,6 — THBA) found in Aspirin that enables it to slow down the growth of cancer cells is also present in large quantities in fruits and vegetables.

So when vegetables are taken, the phytonutrients and flavonoids in them also release the 2,4,6, — THBA, that prevents cells division. This acts by giving good cells more time to repair the DNA and fight off any damage cells. It is the damage cells that do metabolize into cancer cells.

The study only focuses on one item in aspirin, and if you consider that the phytonutrients are many and varied in fruits and vegetables, your guess is as much as mine to the tremendous benefits of adding them in plentiful to your meal.

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  1. Interesting. Nature always provides all that our body requires and at the right season.
    Thanks for the update.

    1. Absolutely, the more reason why we should align with Nature in all our endeavours. Remember, Nature provides for all, but humanity is wasteful, otherwise there is enough to serve all of us. Thanks for reading.

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