The Six Popular Types Of High Protein Diets

Lanu Pitan

High proteins diets are becoming a popular way to lose weight permanently

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High protein diets are where your plate is mainly protein. This is because protein makes you full longer, hence you are not hungry, and therefore have reduced food intake. It does this by triggering hormones in the brain of the stomach fullness.

Some who want to build muscle also try protein diet, as proteins do build up muscle. The body utilizes more energy in protein metabolism than fat and carbohydrates, so, therefore, burning more energy, and losing weight.

Examples of High Protein Diets

Atkins Diet — is twenty-seven per cent protein, five per cent carbohydrates, and sixty-eight per cent fat. Compare this to the recommended standard of ten to fifteen per cent protein, forty to sixty carbohydrates, and twenty to thirty-five per cent fat.

Atkins diet restricts high starchy carbohydrates like potatoes, peas, corn. Also restricts fruits, alcohol, bread, and milk.

The problem with the Atkins diet can be a cardiovascular disease due to the high fat consumed, bone loss, colon cancer, and kidney malfunction (for those with underlying kidney problem).

Stillman Diet — has the highest percentage of the protein at whopping sixty-four per cent. It has only three per cent carbohydrates and thirty-three per cent fat. The Stillman theory is that the protein burns the fat while storing the carbohydrates as fat instead. It encourages only lean proteins. It does not encourage high-fat foods, but only fish and seafood, eggs, and low-fat cheeses. It does not allow oil, bread, pasta, fruits and other high glycemic index foods.

Glycemic Index measurement is the measure of carbohydrates in some foods, and how they affect blood sugar level. A low glycemic index food will release (metabolise its glucose slowly), hence the blood sugar will stabilise, that is no spike in blood sugar level.

Protein Powder Diet — The protein powder diet was created by two doctors couple, Michael and Mary Eades in 1996. This is a high-fat diet (fifty-four per cent), twenty-six protein, sixteen per cent carbohydrates, with four per cent alcohol.

Protein Powder Diet allows all kinds of protein, little alcohol, but no fruits, grains, starchy vegetables and milk.

Sugar Buster Diet — allows twenty-seven per cent protein, fifty-two carbohydrates, and twenty-one per cent fat. It allows all proteins, and all fats, and low glycemic index carbohydrates and reasonable alcohol intake.

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Zone Diet — Dr Barry Sears invented Zone diet, which allows regular low-calorie foods all through your weight loss programmes. Zone diet is forty per cent carbohydrates, thirty per cent each for protein and fat. Zone diet does not discriminate how this proportion is met, as long it is met. Zone diet also bans high glycemic index carbohydrates and fruits.

South Beach Diet — started in 2003, by Dr Arthur Agaston. South Beach Diet depends entirely on the glycemic index of foods you consume. It allows up to ninety per cent of carbohydrates, as long as you have beans, legumes, and whole grains.

The downside is that it does not allow fruits and some high glycemic index vegetables like carrots.

Fads And Fables About Food And Weight Loss

One can see the trouble people go through to lose weight. long with all these fads are myths about weight loss and diets. Let us consider some of these fads:

Food Restrictions — is not that healthy in the long run. A healthy plate should contain all foods in a small reasonable proportion.

Don’t Snack — Denying yourself this little enjoyment can affect your mood and mental health. You can allow little treats on and off.

No Food After 8 PM — Although a heavy meal before bed can be difficult to digest, and disturb your sleep, it does not matter when you eat, but WHAT YOU EAT, that affects your health in the long run.

Intense Excercise Will Make You Lose Weight — While you burn calories during intense exercise, little passing exercise like walking, gardening and general housework does make a difference too.

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